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Squish squash squamish

Squamish sky
Canadian skies.

HOLY MACKEREL, sushi is cheap and delicious in Vancouver, Canada! Assistant Jonathan Moore and I found that out on our trip up to the Squamish Mountain Festival sponsored by Arc’teryx. I had the privilege of participating in the Mountain Festival Photo competition, with four other amazing people: Keith Ladzinski, Sonnie Trotter, Cory Richards and Andrew Burr. The winner was Andrew Burr, whom I’m a huge fan of, omigosh. Here, I even got my picture taken with him:


(left to right, Simon Yates, me, Andrew Burr, Ian Parnell) Photo taken by climbing royalty, Cory Richards on my iphone.

What climbing legends! I had a great time at the brewery and honestly, was so rejuvenated coming out of it. I might even shoot some climbing soon. Although it was hard to get up walls with one arm, (the other one dislocated) so i was relegated to the forest floor.

Squamish was blissfully rainy while we were there, which was an escape from the awful heat we have been experiencing in California lately. I stumbled into the campsite to see my sodden crew hiding from the drips that were soaking the forest floor. Nevertheless, we had a laughter-filled reunion. Here are some of the girls pulling down:

Regan Kennedy, sending Easy Chair
Regan_Easy Chair

Ali Geiser, on slab.

Lilly Georgieva, miss pretty.

….and the rest.SQUAMISH


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