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Cami + Nate sittin in a tree.

Some weddings I remember for the location, some for the people, some for, well, the food even. Camille and Nathan Kerr’s wedding I’ll remember for the ceremony and vows, which made my eyes water. They had some of the most genuine and honest ceremonies I have ever been to, and I was privileged to share their day.

Camille and Nathan are climbers who met in Ohio, and they have a really sweet story. Soon after they started dating, Camille moved home to California to start a program at a different university. After less than a week, she packed up and drove back to Ohio for this boy –totally against her nature, btw, to do something like this!–and hasn’t looked back since. It doesn’t take much time in their company to know they are perfect each other.

Camille and Nathan Kerr’s slideshow








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