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Allison + Ryan Do It Their Way


Allison and Ryan, a.k.a Mr. and Mrs. Bear Cub, met in New Mexico, live in Chile, and got married in Oregon last month. This cute duo shares a background in astronomy, which is romantic and nerdy, just like their relationship. Allison first contacted me for her wedding about 18 months before the actual event, which gave us plenty of time to brainstorm and for me to get a feel for what she liked, and seriously, is this young lady ambitious and creative.


She felted birds for a cake topper–not to mention made her own cakes–as well as knitting her own shawl for the evening and doing her own hair.

“RyRy” and Allison had their wedding on a remote location of the Oregon coast with room for their guests to run amok three days. There was a mile uphill hike to the handfasting ceremony (ethereal, and my first time seeing one)(it was breathtaking, literally, from the hike), stars on the beach at night, Ryan’s crossword puzzle creation, and amazing food from the couples favorite recipes executed in large quantities by the kitchen staff. Every individual item they needed for the wedding from flowers and lights and outfits and beverages had to be brought to the “island,” a large portion of it by ferry the day before the wedding. Can you imagine the logistics? Clever people indeed.

Here are their slideshow and photos.

This first one is Jonathan’s image, from the hipster Ace Hotel in Portland.

We shot a bit in town before driving, floating, and walking to the final destination at Windward.










These last two are Jonathan’s as well:



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