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Teiko + Frank

**The slideshow preview for Teiko + Frank’s wedding is UP!**

Ok, I cried. So sometimes I get a little personally vested in these days, but who wouldn’t when my job is replete with so much joy and beauty? I am really blessed that my art comes from such a special place and I have the privilege of showing people what I witness through the lens. Teiko and Frank had a beautiful wedding day complete with a winter storm, hundreds of candles, a house afloat in the smells of jasmine and lime and bergamont and rose and fig all drifting together, with crystals ropes dripping from manzanita branches, cocktails served in a beautiful, ornate library, a photo booth for guests to mug in front of (I think I was one of the first to jump in it, I was SO excited) and a sweeping candle-lit staircase, and……a hot dog truck?

Yes, this wedding truly had lots of surprises. Teiko and Frank were supposed to have an outdoor wedding in the courtyard at the Villa, but when a storm cell moved in the night before and they awoke to wet skies and rain that just wasn’t going to let up, their plans had to change. The ceremony took place indoors instead, but with the venue decorated, aglow, and cozily sheltered from the rain, it was like walking into a dream. The night even ended with Teiko surprising Frank with a hot dog truck serving delicious organic hot dogs, and the company was called “Let’s Be Frank,” of course.

I was the second shooter for this wedding for Jonathan Moore so stay tuned for his updates. I love second shooting because it gives me a little more room to experiment and a little less pressure to get everything the first shooter must get, which in this case gave me more intimacy and room to play.

Also of note for this wedding, I got to work alongside the Same Day Edit Video Crew!! Their real name is Imagique Wedding Artwork, run by Daniel Boswell of dvArtistry, but one of their really notable accomplishments is being able to show their wedding highlights video right at the reception. Teiko had been impressed with the concept and mentioned it at our first meeting, and I having never seen such a thing before had been skeptically looking forward to seeing it in action. They didn’t disappoint, and Daniel and Wes were classy guys so they have my nod of approval.

Here are some of my favorites.


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