about things i love.

Wa wa wee wa

Being David Honl’s Executive Assistant (I just made that title up) has its perks. There is wine, women (I’m talking about you, Claudia Christian), cars, and not to mention that the man is a fabulous cook. There been times when this assistant’s rice-and-beans budget has been subsidized by scrumptious freezer-raids at Honl Studio that have fed me for a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. True story.

OBVIOUSLY, the biggest perk of all is the nitty-gritty behind the scenes work that goes down with the team. I’m talking about product development (doesn’t ballistic nylon come in pink?), business trips (yay! i’ve always wanted to go to phoenix!), test shoots, and witnessing creative genius. And I get to play with all of the Honl schwag. Without further ado:

Honl grids, Honl snoots, Honl reflectors, Honl softboxes + Actress Kelly Lett=

Someone hire this chick already! Look at those Claire Danes cheekbones!

This was a Rayflash, but it was Honl’s ray flash that I borrowed. Actor Patrick Luther:


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