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Srini + Nadya preview

I did not know of anyone I could actually describe as “devastatingly charming,” until I met Srini and Nadya. I was intrigued from the start by a curious typo Nadya made to me in an e-mail. Next, I whet my interest at our first meeting, accompanied by a romantic downpour that pummeled the rain covers at Urth Caffe where we sat cradling steaming lattes (me and Srini) and Moroccan mint tea (Nadya). Finally, I was delighted by their blustery, rainy (in LA? in JULY?) wedding day when the clouds parted and sun appeared as Srini took his place and Nadya turned the corner and appeared at the end of the aisle. Some would say this is sheer luck, but those who know this couple would concur: Nadya halted the rain because she simply wanted to when it came time. The picture that emerged from their loved ones’ toasts was of this intertwined force: one part a brilliant girl who can do anything she puts her mind to, tempered on the other side by a man whose compassionate, witty, and similarly headstrong spirit, nurtures their combined identity and warmth. The effervescent joy and sense of humor they drew from their families and community was readily apparent throughout their wedding day.

Nadya and Srini are truly remarkable.

I am honored to have been a part of their lives on this day, and I was fortunate to work alongside photographer Mike Goulding whom I also greatly admire.

Here is just a smattering of photos–they have many, many gorgeous ones!

photo by Michael Goulding

photo by Michael Goulding

photo by Michael Goulding

photo by Michael Goulding
(name cards hand-lettered by Srini)

photo by Michael Goulding:

photo by Michael Goulding

Location: Marrakesh House
Day-of coordinator: Laura Gatewood
Floral arrangements: David
Food: Samosa House
Hair + Make up: Yaleny Valdes
Additional photography by: Michael Goulding


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