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Alejandro + Nancy

San Jose, California

Several of Alejandro and Nancy’s friends declared their wedding the best they’d ever attended. The wedding party definitely had never before participated in the likes of this Chinese and Mexican celebration which was one part tea ceremony and Catholic mass, one part door games and dollar dance. If you’re not familiar with Chinese door games, I’ll just say that the girls made it extremely difficult for Alejandro to collect his bride on the morning of the wedding. They demanded he profess his love through feats of strength, heartfelt singing (after some lyric-googling), eating sushi rolls consisting of only wasabi wrapped in rice, and a few rounds of pass-the-seaweed-with-your-mouth, all which he and his groomsmen took on like a champ before they were allowed entry. The ceremony was beautiful, and the party was one for the history books.

For this wedding I was delighted to have Natalie Eidelman on board as a second shooter, on loan from the Chrisman Studios. Her images are gorgeous and you’ll see some of them below.

Photo by Natalie Eidelman

Photo by Natalie Eidelman

Photo by Natalie Eidelman


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