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Nirali + Alfonso

These two are like movie stars. Seriously. Winter engagement shoot at in Los Angeles.


Stunt Van

Actress Vanessa Vander Pluym stopped by the studio recently for a series of portraits. You can see her right now as the host of the Speed Channel’s show, “Stuntbusters,” and she’s got quite a list of accomplishments to date. As a young rhythmic gymnast, Van was on the U.S national team and has since then also become trained in many other disciplines of martial arts, acting, stunts, and also picked up a degree in engineering @UCLA along the way…but the best thing is that she’s fun to work with and her infectious laugh cracks me up.

Linh and Tao

Linh and Tao were the picture of grace. Several hundred pictures, actually, as they were required to pose for the requisite family portraits that comes with doing a traditional tea ceremony and banquet complete with greeting guests at the door and wardrobe changes. I look back at their wedding with fondness at the ease of which they navigated the day. Smiles, easygoing, with the confidence and contributions from both families.

My second shooter was Marc Campos who did a fabulous job. I was also VERY impressed by their MC, who was DJ Wasabi from AM1430. She’s flawless and charismatic in three languages and if you’re looking for cantonese, english and mandarin at your wedding, look no further.

^photo by Marc Campos

^photo by Marc Campos

^photo by Marc Campos

^photo by Marc Campos

^photo by Marc Campos

^photo by Marc Campos

^photo by Marc Campos

Linh and Tao surprising their guests with a choreographed, fantastic tango.

^photo by Marc Campos

Pows go Boom!

Brides are often described as “radiant,” but at Anna and Sam’s wedding last week, it was obvious to many that the groom, Sam was the happiest they’d ever seen him. The couple exuded pure joy and the audience became collectively misty-eyed while witnessing their ceremony. Their festivities were organized in just a short amount of time with the help of some close friends. Anna’s father passed away earlier during the year and the wedding was initially postponed, but seven weeks before their original date, Anna knew that the loss of her parent would forever be with her and not bettered by a wait, and that she really did want to marry Sam, and celebrate their love, now!

The Pow’s wedding day was just a shiny, shiny day and I’m sure, remembered fondly by her family and friends. Anna and Sam met at the Burning Man Festival and kept it as a theme in their wedding, with their invitations, tables and cake topper designed to match.

Planning and day-of coordinating: Sophia LoRenagade
Music: Nutty Jazz*
Venue: Topanga Community Center
Food: Moksha Restaurant
Florals: Mia More

*highly recommended!

Maral + Kyle

I have known Maral since before she met this boy that became the man of her dreams, so it was with great joy that I was able to be there with the family on her wedding day. Behold, my big sister’s wedding:

The slideshow is HERE!

The wedding was held at the Pierpont Inn, co-ordinator was Pam (on-site @ Pierpont), make-up by Maxine Christians, florals by Maral’s mother, Giti. Everything was beautiful and smelled heavenly.

Angela + Eugene Tea Ceremony

One of the things I enjoy about shooting lately is the number of different mixtures and backgrounds and amazing various people that combine in unions. A Baha’i wedding with a Persian groom and a Hmong bride, or a Jewish wedding with an Indian bride just to name a few of the inspiring and unique celebrations I was honored to be at. Here’s a traditional tea ceremony from two different cultures, and this ceremony which honors the family is always sentimental for me to see.

legs for days

Maral and Kyle will be getting married on July 9!